Rocca Calascio: A Sightseeing Tour in Italy’s Northeast

By Ra Boe / Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

The highest fortress in the Apennine Mountains, Rocca Calascio (or Mountain Palace) has a history that can be compared to that of Genghis Khan and his wall of shame. Built hundreds of years ago during the reign of Queen Isabella of Italy, it was one of the many palaces constructed by the Medici family in Tuscany during the renaissance. Today, the site is a World Heritage Site and a major tourist attraction in northern Italy. It is also home to numerous art collections, including works by famous artist Picasso.

Rocca Calascione lies just above the Arno River valley. It is composed of a series of fortress terraces, surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks. There are many beautiful hotels in this area, as well as a wide variety of restaurants. One of the most fascinating parts of the fort is the fortress ceiling, which contains hundreds of paintings, some of which were made during the renaissance. Today, the entire structure houses the world’s largest collection of art, which can be viewed online.

When you visit Rocca Calascione, it is important to understand that you will be entering an older section of the fort. The main entrance is located on the west side of the main court, with the adjacent Santa Maria Novella located on the east side. The fort was largely rebuilt in the early twentieth century, when the family decided to move it to a different location. Despite its age, the structure is still structurally sound. Today, the main court houses the workshops, shops and reception areas. Here, you can find modern conveniences such as electrical outlets, air conditioning systems, and telephone connections.

The Rocca Calascione Museum is dedicated to revealing the works of the greatest artists from the Renaissance era. Here, you will find original examples of renaissance painting, including frescoes and portraits. One of the most famous is the Last Supper, which reveals the Jesus Christ’s last meal. Another is The Virgin’s Secret Son, which portrays Mary’s humility and devotion to her mother. Many of the works found here date from between the 14th and 16th century. The museum is also home to a reproduction of the privy seal, which was used by the Renaissance papacy, together with two copies of the document itself.

To the immediate south of the town, you will find the St. Peter’s Basilica. This impressive church features many works of art and religious sculpture by many artists. At the western end of the church, you will find the Santa Maria Novella, which is the highest point in the city. The museum here houses numerous relics of the Renaissance, including the helmet of Donatello. Other notable attractions here include the San Lorenzo del Popolo painting (the highest work in Italy), the Piazza dei Cavalli painting (one of the best-known renaissance paintings, dating from 1570), and the St. Michel painting (also one of the finest paintings in Italy).

Rocca Italy has a lot to offer visitors. In particular, the highest point in town (San Lorenzo) is a great place to take a walk around, especially at night. Here, you can marvel at the incredible artistry all around you, and even take some romantic strolls along the river and beach. If you prefer, you can visit the several art galleries and museums located in the region. Whatever you want to see and do, you can do it in this wonderful little seaside town.…

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