Trails of the Sawtooth Mountains

Sawtooth mountains reflected in Stanley lake.

The Sawtooth Range in Idaho, USA, is a mountainous range of the Great Rocky Mountains reaching a height of 10,781 feet on the Thompson Mountain summit. It’s known for its unique geology and numerous wildlife species. Because of the range’s geology and natural characteristics, it is also home to some of Idaho’s most popular attractions, such as the Idaho Railroad Museum, the Spokane River Gorge, and the Idaho National Historical Park.

Home on the Range

Sawtooths are one of the many ranges of mountains that divide Idaho from other states. The range is split into three parts: the Bear Valley Range, the Pine Mountain Range, and the Snake River Plain.

The Pine Mountain Range is the southern boundary of Idaho; it is bordered by the mountains of Idaho’s Bear Valley and Snake Rivers.

The Snake River Plain runs from the Idaho state line westward, between Idaho’s Pine Mountain Range and the Idaho-Oregon border. Although the Sawtooths are separated from each other by the Snake River Plain, they are still connected by their many natural features and scenery.

Hiking the Range

The rivers that feed the ranges offer many unique opportunities for hiking. The Snake River Plain provides easy access to popular campgrounds and backpacking trails. In contrast, the Pine Mountain Range provides some of the best-forested hiking in the state.

Because of their varied terrain, the Sawtooths also offers numerous opportunities for adventure and outdoor recreation. There are hiking trails, swimming beaches, fishing lodges, boating, campgrounds, and various other recreational activities available in Idaho’s Sawtooths.

When you’re looking for an enjoyable weekend or month of adventure in Idaho, consider planning a hiking trip in the Sawtooths. Visitors who take trips to the mountains often return with tales of their adventurous spirit.

Wildlife Everywhere

With many rivers flowing through their borders, the Sawtooths are also home to a variety of fish, birds, and wildlife. Because of their geology and environment, the Sawtooths are an area that attracts diverse wildlife species. One of the best-known wildlife visitors to the Sawtooths is the eagle. This bird has been observed flying across the sky in the winter, searching for small animals. In summer months, the eagle can be seen flying alongside the highway I-40.


If you’re looking for impressive natural features, then the Sawtooth Mountain Range is a must-visit. There are plenty of great options for seeing the wildlife of the area.

From early spring to late fall, guided tours of Idaho’s Sawtooths’ wilderness can be arranged by a professional tour operator. A day trip around the area or overnight RV camping trips can provide a great way to see the wildlife and explore some of the range’s most scenic views. For those who love the outdoors and want to explore this region’s natural wonders, the Sawtooths will be a fun place to go.